Our Missions
We believe that Missions is the very heart of the local New Testament church, and that people Everywhere deserves to hear the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We currently support 20 missionaries throughout the world, including the United States,
through Faith Promise Missions giving.
Our Missionaires 
Italy                          Jonathan & Joanna Liggette
Japan                     Mike & Cristy Wyatt
Mexico                    Damon & Delight Tripp
Mexico City           James & Lori Bradley
Portugal                 Dan & Rachael Smith
Scotland                Dan & Jackie McCaskill
Spain                       TJ & Kimberly Gritts
United States      Dick & Virginia Sonier
Wales                      Brian & Rebekah Wright
Australia             Jonathan & Natalie Perry
Belgium              Joe & Mary Mohler
Brazil                    Joe & Sherran Flippin
Canada              Jeff & Andrea Williams
Ecuador              Janice Hickey
England              Damian & Ruth Ann Pickett
Ethiopia               Dwayne & Tammy Wright
Germany             Bill & Debbie Crawford
Baptist Bible College
Baptist Bible Fellowship – Missions Office
Serving the Lord at Home and Abroad.
Our missionaries, both foreign and domestic, serve our Lord faithfully in their respective fields, supported by the people of our church through their Faith Promise Missions offerings.